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Report courtesy of Ria Demitriou

When adventurous couple Andy and Shirley from Cromer decided they wanted a boudoir style love scene for their wedding album, they approached local photographer, Andreas Yiasimi of Fuoco Photography for advice. “We have often seen Andreas’s celebrity and model work in various publications” explained Shirley “We knew he would be the right person to ask”

The wheels were set into motion for Cromers debut ‘From Here To Eternity’ Style beach project that would take weeks to organise to perfection.

Andreas has photographed countless of couples from all walks of life that wanted unusual ideas thrown into the mix “If you think it’s an easy thing to do then think again” said Andreas.

“It requires a rapport and trust between photographer and subject whom are beautiful celebrities in their own right already through my eyes. Direction and years of experience in my line of work is the key, you can’t fob something like this off on someone’s special day” It’s hard enough obtaining results in the studio let alone on a beach so this was certainly a challenge, Andreas emphasised that you really have to know what you’re doing.

He added “Photographing a couple in mid passionate embrace sometimes isn’t the most complementary result. The formula to a winning photograph of this sort depends on posture, hard work and location”

The Cromer couple were nervous to start with so a pre-wedding shoot was organized by Andreas before the the big day with a step by step story board highlighting the more intricate work. “We were surprised at what was involved” laughed Shirley “In fact we felt quite exhausted on our first night when we eventually got back to the hotel room! It was all very worth it though”

The finished album was laced with traditional shots, however, mostly reportage captures that completed the magazine style images.

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Andreas Yiaismi | Cromer | Norfolk UK

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