About, Photographer
Andreas Yiasimi
Cromer Norfolk


I have lived on the stunning North Norfolk coast of the UK
for over four decades, and I wouldn’t change it for the world 

I Can't Imagine a Day Without Making Pictures

About Photographer Andreas Yiasimi

I feel truly blessed to live in such a stunning place, where I have have worked with my family for over four decades in East Runton. My beautiful surroundings and the amazing people here are my inspiration. I recently became a grandpa and it’s the best feeling ever. I wouldn’t change North Norfolk for the world.

I also know what a wedding involves from a family’s point of view, my adorable daughter wed a couple of years ago and soon after my son also. So I can honestly say I can relate to the preparations you’re experiencing, there is so much to cover. I’m here to listen and guide the best I can concerning the photography. I work in a very relaxed way and there’s no pressure to book me on our initial introduction.

 We’ll run through things and then give you a cooling off period to establish if my style is what you are looking for. I have always loved photography and can’t imagine a day without making pictures. The same goes for family shoots and other special occasions. I have always maintained that there needs to be a rapport between subject and photographer in order to achieve something special.   

I remember the first time I held a camera. It was during a school trip. I photographed the Cutty Sark with my Kodak Instamatic, and it landed in the Whitechapel Gallery. I knew from that moment I’d found something I love doing. My passion for photography hasn’t wavered ever since. 

Photography is an infinite creative canvas


Photographer Andreas Yiasimi. Car wheel selfie
Sheringham assignment
Andreas Cromer Sunset

In the beginning

Photographer Andreas Yiasimi

Andreas Yiasimi baby picture 1964

I had the most magical childhood, born to Cypriot parents at the beginning of a progressive era. Mama and Papa met in London’s vibrant East End in 1955 and I was born at the London Hospital a few years later. We lived just above the famous market in Wentworth Street, filled with street musicians, barrow boys and bygone wonder. I still recall the waft of roasting chestnuts, song and sounds of the times. Above all, when Mama saved enough money we’d visit a local photography studio.   

I was fascinated by the photographic equipment and wished I had a camera. When Mama asked me what I wanted to be, I always answered, a photographer. Of course, life’s unpredictably ran it’s course and paved an extraordinary journey for us all, sometimes against the odds. We were happy children and love reigned supreme in our humble domain. Eventually I was blessed with a camera and the rest is history.  

Andreas Yiasimi in France
Andreas with brother East End London 1964