The death of photography?

I have read recent articles claiming the digital age is killing photography, that everyone now is capable of taking high resolution images just by using mobile phones. This is true, however, it doesn’t make everyone a photographer. It’s like saying, everyone has a cooker therefore everyone’s a chef. I have many wonderful friends who enjoy […]

From Here To Eternity

Report courtesy of Ria Demitriou When adventurous couple Andy and Shirley from Cromer decided they wanted a boudoir style love scene for their wedding album, they approached local photographer, Andreas Yiasimi of Fuoco Photography for advice. “We have often seen Andreas’s celebrity and model work in various publications” explained Shirley “We knew he would be […]

Creative improvisation

Once the basic functionality of a camera is mastered there’s no secret formula in making pictures. There’s a certain amount of pre-composed shots involved, however, I’m at my best when I go into an assignment without creating images in my head before I get there. After all, even if I have been to a location […]